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Patent for sale!

LinaTXT HUD glasses have decided to sell their exclusive patent. 

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New Text Messaging device that looks like a regular pair of glasses but actually streams notifications and text messages right into your field of vision, one line at a time!


LinaTXT” is a new ground breaking product of the future, a high tech display system for creating a personal layered reality or heads up display glasses (HUD). A wearable accessory that looks just like a pair of glasses, it is actually an innovative and vital accessory for keeping you in touch with everyone who is important to you.


LinaTXT look ordinary, but it is really a sophisticated technology for displaying text messages (including emoticons and other small graphics) one line at a time. With LinaTXT you are always in the loop! Your alerts will appear before your eye, so you can choose to read the message or ignore it. If you chose to read the message, it will be displayed line by line.


Bluetooth technology connects the LinaTXT to your Smartphone, while a downloadable app helps give the needed commands to your smartphone without touching it. LinaTXT is based upon a synergistic combination of existing technologies (Optical head-mounted display OHMD) which uses the information streaming power of light. For this reason, its energy consumption is very low. It is estimated that LinaTXT glasses will need to be charged once a week.

Optical Head-Mounted Display (OHMD), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality Display (VR), Heads Up Display Glasses (HUD) linatxt
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Visual input (in the form of text messages) appears, line by line, on the upper, narrow LCD screen that runs across the top of the lens. When light from the upper screen hits the bottom of the lens, it is directed towards the eye by a layer of reflective material placed at an angle. As it moves towards the eye, the light meets a long, narrow, curved lens, positioned in the lower area of the regular lens. The light will be focused to create a narrow band of visual information at the bottom of your visual field.


True, you can view only one line of text at a time. But for most of us the important thing is to be constantly in touch with important people and significant events. We must get those important messages in real time! LinaTXT is designed for down to earth people who don’t need to cruise the galaxy as they walk down the street. But they certainly want to know what going on around them and to be in contact with their loved ones!


Remember that LinaTXT uses a sophisticated combination of simple and inexpensive technologies, like Liquid Crystal Display. This makes LinaTXT affordable, bringing it within reach of everyone.





Reflective Technology is at the heart of the LinaTXT system. A narrow HD screen runs across the top of one of the lenses. Information, in the form of lights, flows from that narrow screen, and is directed towards the user’s eye by a reflective strip at the bottom of the lens. A long narrow lens near the bottom of the LinaTXT focuses the light so the image can be viewed seen clearly by the user. Line by line, notifications and text messages stream through to the user, keeping him/her in constant touch with everyone. But what really makes Reflective Technology so significant?


Let’s explain this in more detail…


The central question in designing personal Heads Up Display is this: "How is it possible to focus visual input so the human eye can see it from very, very up close?" You can’t attach a miniature screen to a pair of glasses and expect a person see it. The screen will look like a fuzzy cloud. Attempting to look at the

Optical Head-Mounted Display (OHMD), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality Display (VR), Heads Up Display Glasses (HUD) Benny Goldstein israel big brother

screen will cause an enormous headacheand harm the eyes. Rather, the visual input must be intensely magnified, then a small segment of the total input can be conveyed into of the eye. What’s more, all the visual information which the user needs to see must be contracted to fit into that tiny segment.


But, on the other hand, a lens capable of giving the desired magnification also distorts the light coming from the surroundings. The visual input will look fine but a significant portion of the environment will be blurry!  The eye can’t easily switch focus between the input and the general environment, causing headaches and tension in the muscles around the eye!


Another problem in achieving personal HUD is that it requires a tiny projector and micro-processor. The great drawback with tiny projectors and processors is that they have many complicated, miniaturized parts. They require a great deal of energy to work. They can easily become overheated enough to damage the entire device and cause discomfort to the user. They are also very expensive both in their construction and in their energy consumption.


Reflective technology resolves these problems easily and efficiently. Light, and the information it carries, shines out and is reflected back to the eye with perfect focus. This creates a balanced layering of visual input with the real environment, without causing headaches and eyestrain. There is no excessive heat or excessive energy usage, just the ability to view virtual information without hiding what is happening in the environment.

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Heads Up Display (or HUD) is a method of presenting electronic input at eye level which allows you to view a Layered Reality, in which visual electronic input feeds directly into your actual field of vision. These kinds of display systems are still in their infancy, but development is proceeding in leaps and bounds. You can expect 2016 to be a breakthrough year in the adoption of wearable and HUD technology by the public.


In its early stages HUD was used in the helmets of jet pilots to stream critical information directly into the pilot's visual field, like altitude, velocity and direction. This concept is well familiar to fans of action films, since almost any super hero or villain worthy of a super-title is gifted with the ability to see different data streams while operating in the surrounding environment (think of IRON MAN for example.)


Today most of us are so connected to our smart phones that we feel as if we are plugged in to them intravenously. In these circumstances it is only a matter of time before HUD becomes commonplace. It will allow us to safely receive information through the internet or other electronic sources while simultaneously viewing our immediate physical environment. Imagine yourself reading e-mails while folding laundry, reviewing your Facebook page while exercising, or reading text messages while attending the theatre! Sounds amazing! Sounds impossible! You are here invited to discover LinaTXT, a seemingly ordinary pair of glasses that offers the Layered Reality Experience at a price that anyone can afford.

Optical Head-Mounted Display (OHMD), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality Display (VR), Heads Up Display Glasses (HUD) LinaTXT glasses
  • Benny Labs has successfully demonstrated proof of the concept’s feasibility.

  • Investors are being recruited to help bring the LinaTXT to fruition.

for more information Please contact BENNY GOLDSTEIN

347-606-9342 (please text)



Benny Labs is a private start up firm located in Israel. Founded in 2014, its mission is to help inventors develop their ideas and bring them to fruition. Lately Benny labs has been working on several new concepts for personal, wearable Heads Up Display devices. These devices are forms of wearable technology that will allow everyone to experience personal “Heads Up Display” and “Layered Reality.” The company was founded by Benny Goldstein, an Israeli inventor and prominent TV personality, who continues to serve as president, leading a group of likeminded investors, designers and technicians in achieving the company’s mission.


Benny Labs holds the rights to certain systems that integrate electronic information into a user’s visual field. The products based upon these systems are aesthetically designed, low in cost and will serve as exciting personal accessories to the smartphone. The company plans to compete with the global high tech giants by providing affordable yet sophisticated products that are versatile and user friendly.  Benny Labs’ flagship product is at this time is the “LinaTXT,” a device that looks like a pair of glasses but actually lets you stay in touch with family, friends and co-workers. It streams notifications and text messages right into your field of vision, one line at a time!


Inventor and CEO

Benny is an inventor, patent specialist, serial entrepreneur and an Israeli television personality. Benny is the inventor of the LinaTXT.


Chief Creative Officer

Moshe is a renowned artist and illustrator. Moshe is responsible for illustrating countless books, magazines, patent illustrations, creating game art, and much more.

Chief Financial Officer

Eden is a serial entrepreneur, owner of an existing company (Meidan Jobs Ltd.) and a financial wizard. Eden started his first company at the age of 21, right after finishing mandatory service in the armament corps.


Amir is an experts in Israeli and international company and corporate law. Amir serves as our legal team and provide guidance and suggestions in all legal matters pertaining to the company.


Alex heads a firm of accountants with offices all over the country. Alex's firm is the exclusive Israeli representative of Crowe Horwath International, an accounting firm with over 10,000 partners worldwide. Alex a key role in our financial decision-making.


Brings over 15 years of data engineering including BI, DBA, systems analysis and project management.

Also the Co founder of asguard technologies and web2 ( / etc)
Also the proud owner and the CTO at BennyLABS.


NathanProvides advice, facilitation and training on the development, administration and technical aspects of the organization



Roni has been collecting, organizes, monitoring all the information on the web about HUD and other similar concepts on the web.

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